Crestor Lawsuit

Crestor Lawsuit – Are You Eligible ?

Among many of the lawsuits filed against Pharma companies the Crestor lawsuit is also one such instance where people have suffered harmful side effects of a drug administered to treat chronic illnesses. Manufactured by AstraZeneca, Crestor is mostly given to patients who are in danger of suffering a heart attack or cardiac arrest as it is called in medical terms. Crestor helps in reducing the building up of cholesterol on the walls of arteries that carry blood from the heart. This in turn helps the heart pump at a normal pace hence minimizing the risk of heart related diseases. Due to its nature and composition this drug is classified as HMG-CoA or reductase inhibitors containing statin and is also the second largest selling drug in this category.

For about a decade everything seemed fine but what prompted the Crestor Lawsuit is a series of side effects that started emerging when doctors started prescribing the drug as a preventive medication for heart complications to normal or not so serious patients. This of course only started happening when AstraZeneca the manufacturers of Crestor after a great deal of convincing sought permission from the Food And Drug Administration of the United States to market the medicine as a preventive treatment for heart related diseases.

Since March 2010 a lot of people without cholesterol problems who were administered Crestor and have fallen victim to serious side effects have joined the Crestor Lawsuit either individually or by being part of a class action. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States only made the situation even worse by revealing results of study concerning potential side effects of statin a main ingredient of Crestor which fuelled the agitation all the more. In the year 2011 the manufacturers shelled out as much as $ 68 million to settle claims in Crestor Lawsuit cases in about 37 states that had people affected by the use of the drug.

What were the major charges filed in the Crestor Lawsuit Cases ?

A lot of people who had joined the Crestor Lawsuit battle claimed to have been diagnosed with symptom relating to the following diseases :

Rhabdomylosis – Chronic deterioration of the body muscles
Issues related to Memory Loss
Diabetes Type 2
Liver Related Diseases
Kidney Related Diseases

In some cases relatives have also filed claims stating that the patient became a victim of multiple organ failure eventually leading to his or her death.

Attorneys fighting Crestor Lawsuit cases have mainly argued that the manufacturers AstraZeneca adopted deceptive marketing strategies and promoted unauthorized use of Crestor. They also did not warn people of the side effects eventually misleading them with false claims.

In most Crestor Lawsuit cases victims have filed for compensation for muscle disorders and advocates have encouraged more and more people to either file seperate lawsuits or join class action lawsuits as per their financial strength. As a result more and more Crestor Lawsuits have been filed across the country and more people are identifying their sicknesses now a side effect of Crestor. Though not fatal in nature Crestor Lawsuit are also coming up where families and relatives are now holding the drug manufacturer responsible for the sudden death of their near and dear ones. A recent study by the Food And Drug Administration of the United States has also stated that Crestor can be fatal as well in some cases. This has set the stage for a battle of a completely different level and the Crestor lawsuits are now turning to be of more serous nature as well.

The courts have made an observation that the drug makers AstraZeneca rushed into a mad frenzy to popularize an already successful drug for additional purposes. By doing this they threw caution to the winds and also failed in their responsibility to educate medical practitioners and their patients against the dangerous side effects of the medicine which is otherwise a boon. The California State Court has also claimed that both AstraZeneca and its affiliate distributor for Crestor Mckeson Corporation knew about the hazardous side effects of Crestor but rather chose to stay quiet in order to make a quick buck and push the drug into a wider market area.

AstraZeneca though has done well enough to stand behind its brand and continues to argue and fails to understand as to how Crestor which is a highly rated and successful drug in managing advanced stages of blood cholesterol and heart related diseases can fail when it comes to preventing the same in less vulnerable patients. Citing its decade long reign as the world’s second largest selling drug in this category the manufacturer states that Crestor would not have achieved this distinction if the drug was not doing well and patients not responding to its use. Correct as they may sound the but the same has been challenged by the Food And Drug Administration of the united States citing a recent study showing that the use of Crestor as a preventive medication can give birth to serious health complications.

Way back in 2009 when the Crestor Lawsuits had just started legal experts had asked the courts to instruct the Food And Drug Administration of the United States to recall Crestor off the markets. However the courts ruled against that and Crestor continues to sell at a high rate even today. In fact it is prescribed to an average of twenty million Americans on a day to basis in the midst of all its legal hassles. But at the same time people are coming forward all the more to seek help from their attorneys and to join the Crestor Lawsuit bandwagon.

For those looking to file Crestor Lawsuits against the manufacturers seek help from your attorneys as if your claims could be right you could stand to gain a whopping amount as compensation and damages for your physical pain and suffering and of course not to forget the mental agony that you went through during this period. More so ever if you had to stay away from your work due to your illness and as a result of that lost out on your pay or consortium amounts you could stand to gain that as well along with your medical bills for your treatment. In case you want to join a class action you must be aware that the compensation amount is shared equally amongst all members of the lawsuit.

Therefore seek help from your lawyer today to check if you are eligible to file a Crestor Lawsuit.

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